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Clinics and Workshops 2021

Clinics – £150 per person
Consolidation Workshops – £55 per person

Clinic – Saturday 3rd April 2021
Consolidation Workshop – Friday 9th April 2021

It is vital we have the correct balance between trust and respect with our horse. Building confidence and understanding on the ground is the prerequisite to further learning. Help your horse to be a confident learner by understanding how your horse thinks and why he reacts or responds the way he does.

We will discuss the psychology of the horse and how you can tap into the power of the herd in order to improve your connection.

Clinic- Saturday 1st May 2021

Consolidation Workshop – Friday 7th May 2021

Good ground work skills are possible when we have good horsemanship skills.

Extending your horse’s natural balance will help him to believe what is possible for him. First we must make our horse aware of his body, then we can invite him to help him improve his balance.

In this clinic we will learn how to use correct ground work to develop straightness, strength and lightness. Using the correct bend and frame in order to shift weight to the hind legs. We will underpin the mechanics of a half halt, what it is and why it works.

Classical In-hand work
Clinic – Saturday 5th June 2021
Consolidation Workshop – Friday 11th June 2021

We will delve into the nitty gritty of horse development and use the tools and language created in the previous clinics to enhance our horse’s physical and mental ability. There is nothing more beautiful than a horse in self carriage. Thoughtfully carrying himself with power, strength and lightness in equal doses. We will focus on using the correct biomechanics of the horse in order to improve their movement and carry ability. You can take your in hand work to any level of expertise but whatever level you reach it is hugely beneficial to your horse.

Ridden work
Consolidation Workshop – Friday 9th July 2021

This is where we start to master the art of riding and seek oneness with our horse. To be successful in our ridden work we must first find fluidity between our groundwork skills and ridden. Once fluidity and understanding is established we can then start to look at the right kind of engagement in riding. In this module we can really start to develop the ‘dressed horse’.

Clinic- Saturday 14th August 2021
Consolidation Workshop – Friday 20th August 2021

My FAVOURITE! Working in freedom with horses is the best feeling. In this clinic we will look at how to captivate our horse. How can we be interesting and engage him at the right level? Horses have an innate wisdom, they are masters at using energy and body language to communicate. We will explore the concepts of clarity and consistency in our energy and body cues.

The more he ‘knows’ and the less he is ‘managed’. Working at liberty is a great way to test the truth in your work.