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Like many, I have been fascinated horses, for as long as I can remember.  However, as my involvement with horses grew, I began to feel unhappy with what I saw and experienced in the modern horse world, often seeing many (not all) horses trained and handled with too much coercion, pressure and fear. I had a feeling that horses were not put on this planet to solely do our bidding. I was determined to seek out other methods which put the horse first and required our ego to be left at the door!

Powered by the complete fascination of the horse, and upon finishing my degree in humanities, I spent 15 years travelling the world, dedicated to learning from as many great masters of horsemanship as possible.  I started in New Zealand where I lived and worked alongside a very wild herd of horses. Observing them in nature gave me a real insight into their herd behaviour, and how different roles were adopted in order to keep them safe, in harmony and close together as a family. Horses live in the moment and communicate with clear intention. I realised that horses want us to give them the same feeling as they get in the herd. They want to feel safe and protected, they want to be comfortable, they want to play and interact and of course they want access to food and water.  I realised we could be all these things for them in a herd of two.


I soon ended up in Rocky Mountains, in Canada. It was here my passion for horsemanship flourished and I started to understand how I could communicate on a deeper level with these gracious animals. It became way more than just riding. I was fortunate to train with so many great horsemen and women in my time at Cardinal Ranch, all of whom put the horse first and demonstrated exceptional skill in their training methods.  Having spent many hours in the saddle and on the ground with hundreds of horses, this hands on experience propelled my understanding of horse behaviour and taught me how we can use psychology and authentic body language to communicate. With our intention sitting at the heart of all our training. “A horse doesn’t care how much you know but how much you care” Pat Parelli.

‘Teaching the Art of Horsemanship became my full time profession’

Teaching the Art of Horsemanship became my full time profession. I became busy very quickly which highlighted the need for such a specialised training method.

I believe we are all students of the horse and if we can tap in to this innate wisdom which we have lost over the years we can really get the best from our horse and have the relationship we have always dreamed of.   I am so grateful for what horses have taught me and are still teaching me today.


In particular  I am thankful for the American quarter horse ‘Lucky’ and the Arab/Lusitano mare ‘Satori’, who really set me on my way and accompanied me on my travels to Colorado, America,  where I spent time working with Pat and Linda Parelli. I became a Parelli professional in 2011.

‘Working at Liberty has always been the dream’

Upon arriving back to the U.K I embarked on more adventure in Europe.  Notable Spain.  I was hungry for an even deeper understanding of the horse and I soon realised the importance of dressage. The notion that dressage was something for the horse, not the horse being for dressage, resonated with me as I saw so many poorly moving horses. Even well intentioned trainers were riding horses with bad postural alignment and balance, which would eventually end up causing physically problems – lameness, stiffness, arthritis, and in the worst case kissing spine and navicular. Seeing horses working with their ears pinned, looking a bit frustrated, had me questioning what we were doing with our horses and ‘why’. Was it another symptom of imbalance?


I realised if I wanted my horse to enjoy his work with me, to achieve unity and lightness on the ground and in the saddle I must develop him mentally and physically.

“Two spirits who want to do what two bodies can do”. Bent Banderup


Using the gymnastic exercises of the school to build up the horse and keep it healthy is paramount to good training and building an even deeper connection. It’s amazing how much more your horse enjoys his time with you when he feels good in his body.


I am so grateful to Aritxi Helecho (Ari), who has been my partner now for many years and who I explore the world of academic dressage and liberty with.


Trust, friendship and fine communication are the pillars of my training with horses.  I seek to find balance mentally, physically and spiritually in order to enhance unity and happiness.


It’s my passion to share my knowledge and help you on your journey with your horse.

I look forward to meeting you.