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3e2553_86cb3099400f4a69a3d35b508bf477a2Fliss has worked with myself and a few of my horses always achieving the goals aimed for and so much more. Recently I brought a youngster who turned out to be a lot more nervous then we first though with some trust issues, we started our sessions with Fliss and within the first session she had gained his trust and she was the first person to successfully ride him. This was incredible and Fliss made everything perfect for him so that there was little that could go wrong making it enjoyable for him. Fliss then worked with us for a few weeks teaching him and myself and making sure we were both relaxed and having fun and achieving things. I would and do always recommend  Fliss as  without her I don’t think he would be being ridden now without her, she is an incredible horsewoman.

3e2553_35cf36fcdb71444d8ada387b5ddf775dI first met Fliss at the end of 2014. At this stage my confidence was on the floor and I felt that there may be no way forward for my youngster and myself.

Everything I asked him to do, he fought me on. I couldn’t even lead him away from the other horses and onto the yard for his tea as his anxiety levels were so high, he wouldn’t go into a stable and if he did he would flatten you to get back out or crush you against the wall. If I attempted to pick out his feet he would drop to the ground or knock you over leaping sideways.

I had already invested hundreds of pounds elsewhere into seeking help and stressed that I needed help with my confidence in handling him as well as his issues, unfortunately when he returned he was so much worse than he was when I sent him. So at this point I didn’t hold out much hope for a solution.

Fliss arrived with a lovely warming smile even though it was pouring with rain and set to work by asking me what my issues were and what I wanted to achieve from her visits.

I asked her to do the handling as I didn’t feel I was capable of sorting any of our issues so we did a few bits and bobs and she saw his behaviours.

She very quickly identified Cookies need to be close to his handler and suggested some exercises to work on re building our bond and connection and how to release the tension from his braced and defensive body. She gave me some coping techniques for any sharp and unpleasant behaviour that even I could do and she told me she believed in me and that anything was possible.

So the week’s passed and I worked on basic handling, slowing everything down and our bond. Very quickly it became apparent that huge progress was occurring and another side to my boy was appearing. A happy, gentle and confident boy who actually wanted to be with me. The progress became daily and all my fears started to slip away and I knew with fliss’ help I would never look back again.

I continued to work with Fliss and alone in the week until I reached any place of total confidence, I then dared to dream bigger. Maybe I could work towards getting on him and starting the back process. Maybe I could take him out to a clinic.
Needless to say I achieved both and the feeling euphoria when it was a total success is indescribable.

Fliss saved my boy, and for that I’m eternally greatful.
If I hadn’t have found her when I did I simply don’t know what his future would have been.
She gave me the key to progression and encouraged me to make the journey with the belief that any things possible and to do what feels good. There was no doubt in her mind that it would be a success.

This has been as much of a journey of discovery and self belief for me as it has Cookie. We are so glad to have found you

3e2553_42f7608139514d93b41f7d95e22f4455“When I finally realised I needed help with my bolshy, food aggressive, dominant young pony I had stopped enjoying him and was ready to give up on him. Everything was a battle. I had too many near misses to let my guard down and I got very emotional at times. Fliss helped me see the behaviour and attitude differently, she helped me see his spirit and character as something to cherish while showing me how to work on him safely and in a positive way. By letting him succeed he stopped needed to fight me and started to want to work with me, Fliss had belief things would improve and they have – we are on a fantastic journey of discovery, after 30 years of owning horses I’m learning new ways to do things and most important of all I’m enjoying my beautiful spirited pony in a way I thought I never would.  I’ve recommended her to three people struggling in different ways with their horses, all have been amazed by how quickly Fliss has been able to set them on the right track to achieve their individual goals – she is a very talented individual who I would recommend every day of the week.”

3e2553_abf83bcda6744e9090e8d7cdb294028aMy story with horses started when l was a child.  But my most joyful story with horses began with meeting Fliss.
Recently I bought a 2 year old gelding, Hugo,  with the intention of learning how to back a horse and bring him on. However, l had no idea where to start or what to do. I was introduced to Fliss and told her I did not want to do the  things I had seen done to ‘break’ a horse, but that l had grown up riding horses that were already ‘broken’.
The minute Fliss met Hugo she said, ‘l think your horse will do anything, he likes people, he likes to learn, he is very strong and very brave’.
We started with ground work and l learned as much as Hugo about intention, direction, clarity, and feet.  Hugo was so calm and trusting of Fliss because she is so absolutely clear about her intention. The day that we tried a saddle on him she was able to back him. He was as curious as we were about the process. And Fliss allowed whatever time it took to allow him to discover what we were asking of him.
We have steadily progressed with Hugo and he has just started jumping. There has never been a fight, as Fliss always says: he is asking a question, he wants to know if he can do that, ….your job is to remind him you have a better idea, and he can do ‘that’ when he is back in the field.
My other story with Fliss is with an ex race horse Popsy, whom l was given a year ago.
Popsy was difficult in most ways. She would try to bite you when putting on her saddle, she would not stand still, she did not understand being on the bit, collection, or connection to her rider. She had raced and jumped her whole life and that is all she wanted to do. She did not like or trust people. She was a lead and angry mare.
Fliss showed me that gently and slowly Popsy could learn new things and to trust humans.
Fliss let Popsy have an ‘opinion’. This sounds ridiculous but it works! Popsy was allowed to show me she did not like her saddle, l would slowly put it on, take it off, repeat that, until now…she stands and waits to go out. She is finding comfort in a new way to move that allows her to drop her head and curve her back.
Fliss has given me mountains of confidence. I am riding a 3 year old in a halter, l am getting a race horse to understand beingbetter balanced. I am not frightened of being out of ‘control’ with my horse, because Fliss showed me how to get Popsy to calm down and find ‘me’ as an answer to her problem.
Fliss speaks horse, they understand her patience and body language. But most importantly, she has the patience and expertise to teach US her skills. She is always positive, endlessly kind, and can show you how to solve any horse issue that you may have.
Fliss has told me some stories about her time in Canada and Spain learning  how to be the horsewoman she is today. And one of the things that makes me want to work with Fliss is that she had the same ‘riding school’ training that we all did. She was taught to ‘kick’, ‘hit’, ‘make him do it!’….and she decided that there must be a better way to communicate with horses where dominance was not the controlling factor. Fliss searched until she found a way to work with horses  based on trust and communication.  And now she is eager to teach it to others.

3e2553_795347a179144ede97b7340efe12c486I meet Fliss about 6 years ago.

Since then she has changed my life. She opened the curtains in front of my eyes. Meaning, Fliss showed me her way to be with horses. Everything I did in my child hood with horses, returned to me. The connection you feel, freedom, just being with them.

I called Fliss and said; “I’ve bought this wild pony. What do I do?”

Fliss came over that evening and we let Pepper out of his stable in the school. I had never seen anything like that. Pepper followed her into his stable, with no lead rain, no halter. I could not believe it! I was really amazed about her body language and work. Fliss helped me with Pepper and my journey begun.

Pepper transformed into the most loving, confident and trusting pony.

I worked hard and having her to support and advice was invaluable. My connection with Pepper was indescribable. You breathe out he trots, breathe in he walks. Bring your energy down and he would lay down. I’ve also had the chance to see how inspiring, Fliss’s partnership is with her horse ‘Ari’. Seeing him lay down, I thought that I could never get that far, but I did. It is the most amazing feeling in the world.

Fliss’s coaching skills and the way she works with horses are really phenomenal. If you get a chance to learn from this young lady then consider yourself very lucky.

It is not a quick fix. It is a life changing way to be with horses.

Thank you a million

Zane Zvirbule

3e2553_b45cf5a7b3124275950c6d93b00e3267Where shall I start. Perhaps I am not alone in the overwhelming feeling I got, when faced with a graceful, powerful, naive, blank canvas of a horse. As a returning rider, and years of youthful confidence under my belt, I suddenly did not feel equipped to give Bear the education he deserved. Bear came into my life after a period of stress, and first and foremost, I wanted to have a strong bond with my horse friend. I wanted a safe, calm and willing horse, that was responsive and light to my aids. For him, I wanted a kind and horse-friendly approach to training, that would give him as much from the relationship as it gave me. He was very poor and weak, so I wanted him to build good muscle and strength, at his own pace, that would give him optimum health. I’m a mum, so safety is paramount. And I am a softie, so other methods I had studied, we’re not for me. So I heard about Fliss… And I liked what I heard. Fliss came to see us in February this year. I had a good relationship with Bear, but immediately I could see on how many other levels this relationship could grow. In our first session Fliss had me jumping about like a wally, but seeing Bear respond to my energy was mind blowing! Soon after this I was riding him in a halter! We have been on a journey for 7 months now, and not only is Bear starting to transform in body, but we are also both constantly growing and evolving in mind. We now ride bitless and are well Established in our lateral work. Fliss explains things so well, and her infectious enthusiasm and seemingly unlimited knowledge is inspiring. We always have something to practise and work on, at our own pace. The confidence Fliss gives us, means I no longer feel overwhelmed, but excited and energetic about his training. It’s addictive and wonderful. And the best thing is, I know I am doing the very best for my gorgeous boy, whom I am honoured to have in my life. Thank you Fliss xxx