Harmony Horse
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Connection - Conversation - Collection

Harmony Horse

When I first start working with a horse I seek to gain his trust and friendship and then open his mind to further learning.  

I take an holistic approach addressing the mental, emotional and the physical needs and abilities of the horse, whilst working together with the individual to set achievable goals.

I offer private/semi private lessons. Workshops and demonstrations can be arranged.

Cavesson, the art of hand work, the art of lunge work

The cavesson is a great tool to help gymnasticise your horse’s body, encourage  good spinal alignment, tension free muscles and an attuned mind.   By learning how to  use correct in-hand work to develop good postures and straightness, we can prepare the horse for riding and the aids we use to communicate.   Improving your horses alignment enables them to step under their centre of mass and engage their core strength.  In-hand work can help  develop the bend in the haunches encouraging the horse to carry more weight  behind and to use their back muscles effectively.


It is vital we have the correct balance between trust and respect with our horse. Building confidence and understanding on the ground is the prerequisite to further learning. Help your horse to be a confident learner by understanding how your horse thinks and why he reacts or responds the way he does.

We will discuss the psychology of the horse and how you can tap into the power of the herd in order to improve your connection.


Harmony Horse

Liberty & Free Work

Interacting with your horse at liberty can bring some of the greatest joy to your partnership.  Highlighting the strength of your connection and the truth and understanding in your communication.  However, being at liberty with your horse starts long before the  school or your chosen training area. The first encounter you have with your horse  can be the most important. Does your horse walk away from you when you go to ‘catch’ him? Does he greet you at the stable door or the gate?  Working at liberty, without tools and  ropes encourages us to think like a horse. and to be attentive to his needs and opinions .  It gives your horse the freedom to decide and the freedom to chose your guidance. How does he really see you?!

 ‘When the tack is removed  all you have is the truth’


When we ride we predominantly use our seat. The seat is our primary aid and it is important we learn how to move correctly upon our horses back, being sure we do not disturb his balance. Our seat not only helps us obtain information about our horse’s movement and shape but it is also used to give our horse information.   Learn how to use your primary and secondary aids to  shape and balance your horse. Depend less on your tack and ride more from your body using your interpreting and influencing seat to promote a better way of going.

‘He who wants to ride his horse healthily and nobly will have no other choice than to work on the correct bending of the haunches’ francois Robichon de la Gueriniere.

‘Dressage for the Horse not the Horse for dressage’