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Horses are very special and graceful creatures whose strength, vitality and sensitivity fascinates me. It fills me with pride, confidence and honour for such a wonderful animal to want to be with me and to share the same idea and desire. I am forever learning from horses and always listening to what they are trying to convey.

Honesty, mutual respect, trust and love are the pillars of my relationship and training with horses. Horses are always  absolutely honest,.  They see through all boundaries and all facades and only reflect the truth.

To me it is very important to build an intimate and friendly relationship in which the horse feels comfortable, wants to have fun and wants to communicate. I will not force this friendship but my desire is to earn it. Trust and friendship, fine communication and fairness are my guiding principles on our path towards the ease of working at liberty and the perfect harmony of riding.

I seek to create a trusting atmosphere in which my horse can fully develop his talents and in which he can live out the pride and grace that he has in nature. To be seen by my horse as an equal and a trusting friend is the most important part for me, and my achievements come second.  Mutual respect for each other is vital;  both of us being worthy of each other’s attention.

he friendship and trust of a horse is a gift to handle with great care.
he friendship and trust of a horse is a gift to handle with great care.