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Lusitano Gelding
Born April 16th 2006

‘Ari’  as he is known, is my teacher and soulmate. He made the long trip from Spain in 2010. He was unrideable, recently gelded and oozed spirit and presence.  With a fiery, but, nervous demeanour, I remember not being able to approach Ari without him anxiously moving  to the corner of the stable. It took me some time to earn his respect and trust.

 Once I managed to prove to him I was worthy of his attention, we embarked on the beginning of a great journey together.  His intelligent and benevolent nature has made it possible for us to explore many ideas and travel to many places.

Ari is an earnest member of the herd. He is playful and expressive in establishing his position and fair in understanding the position of others.  Ari is compelled  by his nature to be seen and connected with all those in his herd.  He is highly sensitive and has taught me how to be his solution and to get him out of stressful situations. His energy can go from very low to very high in no time.

Ari’s mind is active and full of curiosity, which is something I encourage in our training together.  It is this attentiveness that makes him a master at feeling your intention and thoughts. We travel a narrow path between play and dominance, demanding my presence and clarity at all times. Ari has shown me how to truly listen to a horse and to myself.

To seek an honest connection with Ari It is important to listen and hear him, respecting his opinions, his free will and his spirit. He often shows his frustration with me if I ask too much of him at one time. Once Ari is aware I am giving him the time and I am not committed to an outcome he offers the most beautiful and free connection. Enjoying his  own movement Ari will often show me his passage or Spanish steps, or collection in a chosen gait. These gifts are priceless. Over time Ari has become a true partner and shows much more presence and expression in our work together.  He is my judge and how he sees me is more important than anything. 

 I will always be grateful for his teachings and partnership.