Harmony Horse
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Harmony Horse

‘Ari’  (Lusitano gelding)

I was so fortunate to meet this horse in 2012.  Ari is  an extremely intelligent, attentive and proud horse with enormous spirit and free will. I am honoured to have his loyalty, trust and friendship.

Spring time fun May 2016, Gloucestershire

Feeling good and in the bubble, North Wales  2013

‘Lucky’ (American Quarter Horse)

Lucky came to Cardinal Ranch for ‘training’ and re-education. He had the habit to buck his riders off!! He was a very sensitive horse but also quite head strong, humans were a burden to him and had not yet been able to offer him any form of solution. He was happy in the herd where he felt safe and heard.  How was I to catch his attention?  This horse taught me the essence of  good horsemanship, to think like a horse and to understand what it was they needed. We spent almost two years learning and developing together. Lucky was the first horse I rode in complete freedom, without tack,  and we even took part in our first rodeo together.   By the end of our time together there was little you couldn’t ask. It was a great honour to earn his trust and confidence. I am very grateful he allowed me to be part of his world.

Horse power, Canada 2009

‘Satori’ (Andalusian/arab)

A little dance with a queen, Canada 2010

Satori was my partner for over a year in Canada and the USA. She was a very beautiful and elegant mare, with fine movement and great presence.

It was a challenge to win her heart and trust as she was very comfortable in herself and sure of her decisions.

She absolutely reflected the truth. I loved this about her.

Satori accompanied me on an epic road trip across Canada and the U.S, (2500 miles) to reach the Parelli Centre in Colorado. She now lives in Texas.